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Grimes County Animal Rescue was established as a non-profit corporation for the purpose of constructing an animal shelter to serve the residents of Grimes County, Texas. Our board is passionate about finding a solution for the current stray dog and cat situation that Grimes County faces.

We plan to construct and operate Grimes County’s first dog and cat animal shelter. The shelter will be constructed in association with, but not under the management of, Grimes County. Grimes County Commissioners Court has approved the shelter being constructed on county land in Anderson and in close proximity to the county jail.   The Grimes County Sheriff’s Department has agreed that county jail inmates will provide labor for animal care and daily maintenance of the facility. 

The animal shelter will be able to accommodate future growth within the county. It is important that the shelter remains useful to the citizens of Grimes County for many years to come.

As a non-profit corporation, Grimes County Animal Rescue asks that the local community members, businesses, charities, support groups and others assist in the funding to build and support the animal shelter.  The tentative construction start date is late 2021.

Read our mission statement and core values.

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