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There's something for everyone!

We are working on big things here in Grimes County and can use a helping hand from anyone that is willing and able. We can always use supplies, donations, support, volunteers, and fosters!
Try Fostering!
If you have a big heart and a little bit of patience, consider fostering an animal! It is a great experience for your family and can make all the difference in an animal's life. Plus, all of the supplies that you need are provided! See the application below.

Try Giving!
If your time may be limited but you would like to help us get all of these animals vetted, give us a call to learn more about sponsoring an animal! You can also visit the "Donate" tab for a one-time donation. Every bit helps!

Try Adopting!
If you are looking for the perfect addition to your family, consider adopting one of our available animals! Even if the perfect pet isn't listed yet, send in an adoption application so that we can get you pre-approved! See the application below. 

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