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Low Cost Spay & Neuter Program

UPDATE AS OF 7/24/3023:  We are very close to offering in-house, low cost spaying and neutering in Grimes County.  We have recieved most of our surgical equipment and will be ramping up very soon!
UPDATE AS OF 11/1/2022: Due to such a high demand for low cost spay and neuter surgeries in Brazos County, the low-cost program that was previously offered in partnership with Aggieland Humane Society (described below) has been temporarily suspended. In the meantime, we are working to find another way to offer low cost spay and neuter surgeries to Grimes County residents.


Our short-term goal is to place all of our dogs and cats in welcoming homes. However, to be successful in our short-term goal, we have to achieve the long-term goal of neutering and spaying the dogs and cats in Grimes County.


The cost of neutering and spaying can often be as much as $250.00  We don’t want the cost of neutering and spaying to be an impediment for your dog or cat.


Therefore, we are very pleased to announce a joint program with Aggieland Humane Society in Bryan.  As a result of the cooperation of Aggieland Humane Society and donations we have received from our local citizens, we are able to offer a subsidized price of $65.00 for Grimes County citizens who are receiving government assistance to have their dogs or cats neutered and spayed.


Here is how the program works;


  1. You contact us to get a voucher at or call us at 936-873-2500

  2. You pay the discounted price of $65.00 with Grimes Animal Rescue paying the remainder for neutering or spaying.

  3. You contact Aggieland Humane Society 979-775-5755 to schedule an appointment for your dog or cat.

  4. When arriving at the appointment, you present your voucher.

  5. That’s it!

Also, please consider contributing to our subsidized Neutering and Spaying Program so other dogs and cats can be neutered and spayed. Grimes County Animal Rescue receives no money from any federal, state or county government.  We only exist and we can only continue this neutering and spaying program because we receive donations from thoughtful and compassionate citizens like you.



100% of all funds donated to our Spaying and Neutering Program go solely toward neutering and spaying dogs and cats in Grimes County.

Thank you for neutering and spaying your pet, and thank you for your donation!


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